Why You Should Adopt A Cat? [5 Pet Adopting Facts You Must Know]

For centuries human beings have been valuing cats for their ability to hunt rodents, and also for seeking a meaningful company.

This makes sense as to why cats are the most primitive pets dating almost 6 million years ago. 

But could these be the only reasons why you should adopt a cat?

As it turns out it is quite easy for any proud cat owner to point out at least 13 reasons as to why you should adopt a cat.

We’ll start by telling you inspiring pet adoption facts, reasons as to why you should consider adopting a cat, and all the perks and benefits that come with it.

In short, this segment is for all foster parents looking for clear-cut reasons to make quick, incisive decision when adopting a cat.

5 Facts Do You Need To Know About Adopting Cat

facts about adopting cat

Pet adoption is the legal process of owning a pet and comes with certain responsibilities.

Although all the plausible pet owner responsibilities cannot be over-simplified in a two-page section, a quick overview of important pet adoption facts and resources is in order and up-coming.

Here we have listed down top 5 Pet adoption facts knowing which will make any pet owner feel downright amazing. 

1. Adoption of Pets Equals Saving A Life

Adopting a pet means you are saving the lives of homeless pets. After all, each year millions of cats are euthanized instead of being adopted.

As such, adopting far babies means, you are rescuing these animals from abandonment and harsh cruelties and saving a life indeed. 

2. Adoption of Pet helps in managing the pet overpopulation crisis

As a pet owner, you must know that the shelter homes and pet adoption facilities stay overcrowded year-round. And why shouldn’t it be?

But what matters most is how relentlessly the staff members work in providing care and shelters to the abandoned creatures. And, also how meticulously and pragmatically they handle the pet overpopulation crisis. Is it that much pragmatic indeed? Think about it. 

It may sound like a sensible and realistic option to put an injured or sick animal to death by euthanizing.

But among the no-kill pet community, such implemented actions might also sound like desperate measures taken to cut down the pet overpopulation crisis.

The point is if you consider yourself a sane human being this makes perfect sense why you should adopt a cat. Consider owning a cat by adopting it from a pet shelter home.

This not only saves the life, a feline creature but also is the most humane way to handle the pet overpopulation crisis.

3. Adoption Of Pets Saves Money

Sometimes owning a cat or petting, so to say is considered as a “luxurious pursuit”.

To some others, owning a pet particularly a cat might also sound like a dangerous investment decision costing long-term.

This is actually true only and only if you are on the hunt for a particular purebred cat. This is also true if you have decided to buy a cat from breeding facilities.

But when it is about pet adoption the case is completely opposite deeming huge potentialities.

The cat breeders not only charge higher rates for particular cat breeds and their breeding facilities but also there are lots of debates behind it.

So, actually how difficult it is affording and owning a cat and is it really worth it?!

As it turns out – adopting a cat from animal shelters is one of the smartest decisions for foster parents.

The shelter homes not only charge far less than the cat breeders but also with the change of time they are offering affordable pet services such as vaccination and pet cares. As such adopting a cat saves money; consecutively.

4. Adoption of Pets Improves Lifestyle

The responsibility of adopting a pet gives life a sense of purpose, joy, and a sense of fulfilment. Adopting a cat gives you a similar experience- an irreplaceable feeling of reward indeed.

5. Adoption of Pets means giving your child a loving company

Adopting a cat is one of the best ways for your child to create friendship. Children start to learn about pet ownership and building trust when raising a kitten. And what’s more is that when you adopt an orphaned cat you are stepping in wonderful pillar stones on building your child’s empathy.

Is It Advisable That You Adopt A Kitten?

While we are making it a point here to state all the reasons why you should adopt a cat we know that you are still looking for more credible reasons to back the logic behind it.

The good news is right here we have provided you with advisable options and credible reasons to consider when it is about adopting a cat. 

Is it better to adopt a kitten or an adult cat, and why?

Here’s how you can narrow down your selection criteria for pet adoption that simply beats!

  • Expect howling kitty parties midnights during the first few months of raising a kitten. So, adopt a kitten if you have both the time and energy.
  • Adult cats are already well trained, vaccinated and also you won’t have to spend extra cash on buying kitten toys and accessories. So, adopt an adult cat; – in terms of cost-benefit analysis.
  • Adopt a kitten not simply because of cuteness alone but with a sense of devotion and responsibility.

All the Perks & Benefits of Adopting a Cat

kitten adopting reason

There are millions of homeless cats nationwide and the feline creatures in shelters need homes for their survival. According to American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (ASPCA), approximately 860,000 cats are euthanized each year.

This is in fact, one of the most humane reasons why you should adopt a cat.

Fair enough. Let’s now get to know about all the perks and benefits of owning and adopting a cat. Some of the best benefits of having a cat are as below:

  • The Joy Of Having A New Family Member

Either you are adopting an adult cat or an adorable kitty; the joy and happiness that arrives is remarkable enough to describe in words. Put together, adopting a cat means your family won’t miss a beat!

  • Pet adoption facilitates better social interactions

Adopting a pet opens up the door to a bigger community for foster parents and also facilitates better social interactions.

Owning a pet is one great way to improve your mental health, meaningfully.

  • Stress not taking the leave? Adopt a pet to cut the stress

Do you know cats can reduce stress? This is true only, and only if you own one indeed. Jokes apart, plenty of researches and studies indicate that owning cats helps in copping up with deep stress and emotional anxieties. 

Owning a pet also boosts happiness and a sense of fulfilment. 

Now come on, who wouldn’t feel happy stroking those softest furs indeed?!

So, congratulations to you for being a new foster parent ushering in a pure form of delight and happiness in your life.

Should You Adopt An Adult Cat Or A Kitten? 

It is always a tough decision to choose in between an adult cat and an adorable kitten when adopting.

Adopting an adorable little kitten might seem to be the best bet for you at first sight. But think again because – there are always two sides to a coin indeed.  

Needless to say that kitten brings action-packed fun time to your home but it also takes a considerable amount of time to train and nurture them.

This is why consider adopting an adult and more-matured cat that fits your lifestyle.

The best thing about adopting an adult cat is that you get to enjoy the additional advantage of owning an already well-trained one. 

What does this mean for you? In short, it means – minimal supervision and the least hassles for you. 

What Is The Best Time & Best Age To Adopt A Cat?

So what is the best age to adopt a cat?

Also, is there a National Adopt a Cat Month that we might not know about? Here’s what you need to know. 

It is always a wise decision to adopt a grown cat, at least a year old, but it should not be too elderly. So, should you adopt a kitten or an adult cat? 

The answer depends on your lifestyle and personality preferences. But wait there’s more to it!

A recent report indicates that the cat adoption rate is increasing during the current COVID-19 lockdown crisis and there happen to be two main reasons behind it. 

Maybe this is why now is the right time to adopt a cat indeed. 

During the current Coronavirus quarantine period adopting a cat is one great way to cope up with loneliness and depressions.

As such, more and more people are considering adopting a pet and this, in turn, is leading to a booming pet adaptation rate increase.

But, do you know what month is considered best to adopt a cat? As it turns out June is considered as the national Adopt a Cat Month. This makes sense as to why now is the perfect time for you to adopt a cat!

On the bottom line, when there are millions of homeless cats nationwide it makes perfect sense and humanely reason as to why you should also adopt a cat.

Yet not convinced?

Then, here comes another of the most beneficial reasons for you to take advantage of.

As it turns out adopting a cat is a meaningful and wise way to improve your social life.

These fluffy creatures are not only great conversation starters but also proves to be amazing ice breakers.

So, the next time whenever you need a conversation starter or someone to simply break the ice; consider taking your dear cat for a ride indeed.