Why Do Cats Knock Things Over & What to Do About It?

You may have organized your desk a hundred times in an attempt to stop your cat from kicking things off and making it a mess. You may also have de-cluttered your entire place but only to find your cat back to its obnoxious habit. But, why do cats push things off tables?

In fact, what goes on inside a cat’s mind may seem like a mystery. But that’s no more a mystery when you know that the secret behind the pet’s mind is simple indeed.

This may make you wonder, “Why do cats knock things over, persistently? How to stop the cat from pushing things off table, anyway?

You see, there is a fun-fact behind this strange behavior of cats knocking things off.  And, in this segment, we will be explaining to you the reasons why cats tend to keep pushing and keeping objects off. Even better, we have got you covered with scientific reasons behind this!

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

Cats knocking things over is a common scenario and also common experience among all cat owners. While it is hard to explain their weird tendencies of pushing things off from everywhere hardly, can we stop imagining things?

This is why at times you might wonder if your cat is doing it on purpose. Maybe it’s a revenge full act for your failure to refill the cat’s water bowl timely. 

Nevertheless, it is better to know about what actually goes inside their mind when they knock things over rather than keep imagining.

Hence, here we explain the scientific reasons why your cats knock things off your countertops and tables.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over & What to Do to avoid

Cat’s knocking things over: What Science Explains

As it turns out that there are scientific reasons behind cats’ obnoxious tendencies of pushing things over and over again.

At times, we might think these are stubborn creatures. But the truth is they are quite obedient companions and often a time we fail to acknowledge their feline behaviour. Here’s what science explains.

· Hunting Instincts

Be it domestic pet cats or stray ones, all cats have hunting instincts. In fact, their prey instinct is hardwired into their brain. What’s more?  Apparently, sights and sounds are what triggers cats’ hunting instincts.

In short, this means any light-weight kinds of stuff nearby a cat’s surroundings triggers the hunting instincts.  A paperweight or any other stationery item could turn out to be the prey and with mere sightings, any cat would get an impulse kick.  This is why cats simply keep pushing things off the table.

· To Grab Your Attention

Cats are a hell of an attention-seeker. And once they learn that knocking objects off furniture is one way to grab your attention, it is hard to put a stop to it. This is the very reason why this feline creature simply won’t stop pushing things over and over no matter how many times you practice discipline.

So, what’s the way out? Simply, stop giving the attention your cat is looking for. But, that doesn’t mean you would leave the naughty one hurling staffs all over your floor making a complete mess. As such, the best thing to do in this case is to keep your kitty engaged with something else.

In other words, keeping your kitty engaged with catnip or a favourite cat toys is the best way to divert its focus from kicking and pushing things off all over.

· Why Do Cats Knock Things Off The Shelf

We all love to watch the cute video compilation on cats squeezing into things. No doubt about it. But did you ever wonder what’s with cats fitting into any small space imaginable?

You see, cats love to fit in and no space is too tight for them indeed. Cats have a genuine tendency to crawl into any small space they could fit-in and simply squeeze inside it. This they do to enjoy the warmth and protection which is a natural need.

Wondering, why do cats knock things off the shelf? Whenever you wonder as to why do cats knock things off the shelf simply know that cats love to fit-in. And this is why; they push things off the shelf to simply fit inside the compartments.

How to Stop Cat From Pushing Things Off Table?

By now you already know science-backed facts as to actually why cats have the annoying tendency of pushing and kicking stuff off places.

Now you no more have to ask yourself, “why does my cat knock things over at night”. No wonder about it! But that’s just part of the story… since we all want to put a stop to this frustrating cat behaviour but hardly, do we know how to stop it!

So, how to stop cats from pushing things off the table? Worry not! 

Because right in here you will get to know meaningful ways of stopping your cat from pushing and kicking things off the table.

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1. Keeping Cats Entertained

A bored cat very soon turns into an obnoxious creature pushing and kicking objects off tables. After all, cats love playtimes and kicking their legs and paws is one way to engage in such a fun-time action.  What does this mean for you?

It means, if you really want to put an end to your cat kicking things off, then simply keep it well-engaged with a playtime.

Consider changing up the toy on a regular basis to keep your cat fully engaged, consider. Even better, place climbing frames or hide treats inside the frames to keep your cat simply busy with entertainment.

2. Disciplining your Cats Properly

But we also know keeping cats engaged and entertained is a challenge and not as simple as it sounds. This is where the importance of proper discipline arrives.

Now the question is, “how do you discipline your cats?” particularly in a way your cat stop demonstrating unwanted behaviour and habits? Fortunately, it is possible and that is by properly training.

Cats are very receptive beings. This is why when you use rewards acts as a better motivator for cats apart from harsh punishments.

To keep your cats away from a particular area consider placing deterrents. This could be anything cats dislike or even pet deter sprays.


No doubt, the YouTube video compilations on cats pushing things off from everywhere are always fun to watch. But, almost all cat owners know that the real life scenario is not at all funny indeed. In fact often times it gets a bit annoying.

This is why; we have just got you covered with why do cats push things off tables. And best of all, a compilation on how to properly discipline naughty cats so that they choose to stay on their comfy cushions rather than pushing and knocking things off insanely.