Why Does My Cat Sit And Stare At Me?

Being a pet parent is not easy there are so many things that you need to take care of when you have a cat in the house.

You need to observe the cats body language of your cat to understand what is going on in its mind.

It is difficult to ignore your cat when it is staring at you without blinking. According to a report by VetStreet, more than 70% of the cat owner think that the cat is trying to control the mind of their owner by staring contest at them.

If you think that, this is just your imagination. If your cat is showing such cat behavior lately then you are not right. There’s something more to it.

The cat’s look is one of its most excellent features. There is something very magical about the feline gaze.

As cats do not have a voice, they use their direct eye contact to speak the language. Being a cat mom, I can tell that, it’s up to us to interpret what they are trying to tell us by staring at us for a long time.

3 Reasons why my cat keeps staring at me

Many superstitions and myths surround the continuous staring of the cat. The main reason behind it is the expressiveness of their eye contact.

More or less, every cat parent, at some point, has faced this.

If you understand the feline gaze, it will help both you and your feline friends.

Here are the reasons why your cat keeps staring at you:

1. Boredom:

Cats are playful by nature. They get bored very easily and they want their human friends to play with them.

You might be busy with work and your cat might look at you for a long time to express its need of playing with you.

According to moderncat.com, if your angry cat is staring at you for a long time then try to play with it.

There are many cool cat toys available in the market; you can buy some and try to play with them. Give them a specific playtime of at least 20 minutes every day; this will help them to be cheerful.

2. Mimicking your moods:

Cats tend to mimic the mood of their “Hooman”. Every time you are thinking “why does my cat stare at me”, look at yourself and figure out what you are doing.

The reason behind this is that you are contributing to your cat’s behavior. Your mood is affecting the cat as well.

The bond you two share is making it mimic the same thing you are doing. Also, in many cases, your cat is trying to replicate your moves and activities and thus, they stare at you to practice it.

3. Understand body language:

Your cat is staring at you for a long time, and you might find it creepy, but you should look at its body language to understand its behavior.

Does it stare at you at special moments? Or does it stare at you now and then?

Does it look sad, happy, or anxious? If your cat is sad or anxious then, something might have spooked or bothered them. a happy cat means they are just elated to have you around.

These are the reasons your cat mostly stares at you. Sometimes, the cat stares and does not slow blink for a long time. Do you want to know why it happens? Well, keep on reading, then.

Why does my cat stare at me without blinking?

Learning the body language of the cat is the best way to understand what’s in its mind or what message it is trying to convey.

While cat communicates by using their body, tail, and face but sometimes they often use their eye contact to express their inner feelings.

Cat staring without blinking can make you feel uncomfortable but there is more to it.

Cat staring without blinking mostly means that it is watching and observing you. As we already mentioned, cats tend to copy the activities of their owner, so they observe you.

Often the cats can detect behavioral changes in their owners; hence, they look at them for a long time to understand it as well.

However, some cats stare without blinking for a long time if they want something such as belly rubs or food. Suppose you are giving the cats an uneasy rub or rotating their ears backward, they might stare at you to tell you to stop it.

Cats’ eyes are very expressive. They keep a close eye on their owners to take in as much visual information as possible.

Why does my cat stare at me and meow?

Arden Moore, the author of The Cat Behavior says that cats can make more than 30 sounds which include at least 19 different variations of meowing . Are you worried that your cat stares at you and meows? Here are the translations:

I am getting old:

Yes, no matter which cat breed you own, you must accept that it is getting old. Dr Arnold Plotnick, Manhattan Cats and Veterinary expert, says increasing meowing is common among seniors.

I want you around:

If your cat is staring at you for a long time and then meows that they do not want to be left alone. Instinct-wise cats attention seekers and they might not like too much touching but they want to have their owner’s eyes on them. This is why they meow to ask you to be around them.

I’m stressed:

According to WebMD, stressed cats are more vocal than normal ones. Not just because of stress, but it can happen due to boredom. So, if your cat is showing such behavior, it is time to give it some playtime.

I want to cuddle:

Most cats do not like to cuddle like dogs. But, at times when they are feeling very affectionate towards their owner they might ask for some rubs and cuddling. If you see your cat staring and meowing, they ask you to spend some time cuddling with them. It will not just make their mood but also lighten yours as well.

I am here to say ‘hi”:

Often the cat stares and meows just to say hi to you. This is what the ASPCA website says. So, don’t forget to greet your fur babies back.

How do you know that your cat loves you?

Cats can sometimes be difficult to read. With their mysterious face, they are often thought to be unfriendly. But this is not true! They might be unable to wag their tails or give you sloppy kisses like dogs to show you their love. Here are a few behaviors your feline friend shows to tell you that they love you.

· Headbutting you:

For the cats, headbutting is the first sign of their love. Pet behavior researcher Gayle Hickman says when cats rub their body against you they identify you as their friend.

· Tipping or curling its tail around you:

The tail is one of the most important body parts of cats and dogs. They reveal a lot about their mood with their tail. According to Insider, when the cat curls its tail around you, it means that the cat is feeling happy and confident. Curling the tail around your arm and leg is a true sign of affection and friendship.

· Showing tummy

Cats and dogs are very protective of their tummy. If your cat does not show you its belly and is protective of that area, it means you have not earned its trust yet. On the other hand, when the cat voluntarily shows you its belly, this means it feels safe and comfortable around you. Also, stretching out near you is a sign of affection.

Remember that, cats do not feel comfortable showing their tummy to anyone. If you are meeting the cat for the first time or do not know the cat well, then refrain from stroking its tummy. They might take a swipe at you.

· Purring when you are around

Purring is the indication that your cat enjoys having you around. Nicky Trevorrow, the behavior manager of cat protection, said to Cosmopolitan magazine that, the cats reserve their purrs only for the people they love. They do not purr for other people or cats, except for their kittens.

· Bringing gifts to you

The cats may bring you gifts like trash, bugs, frogs, or dead mice – because they love you and feel comfortable around you. Most people think the cats bring a gift for the owner, but they bring things home that they consider home.

What to do when the cat does not stop prolonged staring?

You might be thinking about what you can do to make it stop staring at you. Here are the following things you can do to make it stop staring at you:

1. Play with them:

Playing with them for an adequate amount of time a day can help them to distract and manage stress. It also energizes them. Use a thread, or laser, or just purchase cat toys online.

2. Give them food:

As you know, your cat might stare at you to remind you about its feeding time or just to tell you that they are hungry (again!). Give them small treats or snacks. However, we do not recommend giving them food whenever they stare at you. This is because they will think that such behavior is rewarded by treats; hence, it will be bad for their health.

3. Take them out:

Sometimes spending hours and hours inside can stress them out. So, a little trip to the nearest park where they can meet other cats can help release stress.

4. Pet care:

Nothing can beat pet care more than anything. When you take regular care of your feline friend, give them food, litter box and treats regularly then you would see a noticeable change in their behavior.

Understanding the cat’s eyes

Cats are nocturnal predators and hence, they have different eyes than humans. In partial darkness, their eyes dilate fully and the cats pupils become twice the size of a human’s and this helps them in hunting.

Research proved that cats can see in six times less light than humans . Tapetum lucidum , a reflective membrane in the cat’s eye, helps them to see in darkness.

Hence, the feline gaze changes depending on the availability of light. The bright lights such as flash hurt their eyes. You might see their eyes appear narrower in the daytime.

Understanding the cat’s eye is essential. Sometimes the elderly cats stare at nothing as a sign of feline dementia.

Again, staring at black space with an inexplicably dilated pupil can cause high blood pressure.

If you notice something like this then contact the vet as soon as possible. However, not every stare is related to a health problem. So, try the given methods first before running to the vet.


There is nothing to worry about when your cat is staring at you. All you need to do is distract them and keep them busy with some activity.

This will help you to grow a bond with your cat. Also, your cat will be able to overcome the anxiety, tediousness, or dullness that they are going through.

Your cats are a part of your life; you need to understand what is going on in their mind to give them better care. If you are new, it will take time but do pay attention to understand what they are trying to tell you.

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