Does My Cat Love Me?

Deciphering the inexplicable bond between a cat and its owner.

Love knows no bounds and true love exists between my cats and I. This I can tell from experiences I’ve had owning and growing up with two furballs.

One is a giant Maine Coon and the other is an adorable Persian that simply loves returning as much affection as she gets.  

I know for sure that true love exists between us but at times, I also can’t help but doubt my cats!

Do my cats love me as much as I do? Or are we just yet another “pet-master” story?! The latter is what hunts me the most and hence today’s post is all about understanding a cat’s love mainly towards its owner. 

Getting back to which – accordingly, I did my research. And as it turns out, knowing whether my cat loves me or not is indeed a hot topic of debate and discussion.

Some would argue that cats don’t love the way dogs do, while others leave no stone unturned summarizing their inexplicable cat-owner bond.

And much to my surprise, nearly the entire list of cat persons and friends also ponder upon the same thing and that is- does my cat love me or not?”

Because being a responsible cat owner trying to give our cats their best possible life makes sense and this is why it’s also quite common to wonder what goes on inside a pet’s mind.

Well, the good news is there are several clear signs that are displayed by our cats from time to time. And, these signs actually work as pin-pointers indicating how much our cat loves and adores us in real life.

How do I know My Cat Loves Me?

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Cats love their owners and when you own a cat, unconditional love takes place.  But, almost all cat owners would want evidence behind that.

So, how do I know for sure if my cat loves me or not?  Do you want evidence? You’ll get that only when you learn some particular feline signs of affection or your cat’s language- so to speak!

You see, the affection between a cat and its owner is almost the same as that of a human and its offspring.

But, the language is different.  To understand the affection of your cat, you’ll have to learn her language or cat language so to speak.

But worry not!

That’s because in here, we have listed down 10 signs to look out for to know if your cat loves you the most and ways to master them as well.

Knowing about these tell-tale signs plus a few basic cat language makes it easier for us cat owners to be fully confident about our cats- after all!

10 Signs Tells If Your Cat Loves You Or Not

  • Finding your cat’s contentment, and Cat Purrs

While it is difficult to understand what every single meow and every single tail-lift mean, it is indeed easy to decode the cat-purrs. A cat purrs in many different ways, and each one carries a different meaning.

One kind of purr shows that she is happy while another kind of purr somewhat resembles a cooing sound. Regardless of how it sounds, both purrs mean she is thanking you and has had enough of your petting time.

It takes time to master what each kind of cat purrs mean. So hang in there! One easy way to find out your cat’s purr of happiness is by stroking her in different ways.

You’ll be amazed to find out how your cat purrs each different time.

  • Cat Blinks

In the world of cat-owner relationships and also in the feline world, cat blinks are wonderful demonstrations of cat love and trustworthiness.

According to cat behavioural experts, these slow blinks are interpreted as signs of trust and relaxation.

Cat blink is also referred to as “kitty kiss” and slowly blinking is actually a way a cat communicates affection and exchange interactions.

So you see, cat blinks fall in the cat language and it generally means “I love you, my dear human”.

While looking out for your cat blinks is one way to find out if your cat loves you or not, it is also one great way to tell her that you love her too.

To show them the same emotional support, you can also try out this technique and slowly blink in your cat’s direction.

Rest assured, your feline friend will eventually understand that its owner is also trying their best to put in a kitty kiss into the bond.

  • Rolling over her belly & Belly Rubs

There happen to be times when my cat loves me way too much. I mean, way too much! 

This I understand from the two unstoppable actions that she displays from time to time.

One is when she simply can’t stop pawing my face to wake up. Another is when she keeps rolling over her belly topsy-turvy and just like that! 

Often mistaken as a tantrum, cats showing their belly actually mean signs of happiness. It means that they are happy and are inviting you to pet them. 

So when your cat keeps on rolling over its back and keeps on showing you her belly, it means you have stepped one way ahead in building the bond. So, hey congrats on that! Now, treat your cat with a good-good belly rub, and soon you’ll see that in between you and your cat – love knows no bound.

  • Kitty licks & The Affectionate Groomer

You know your cat loves you the most when it simply can’t stop licking you with affection

In fact, to me, it feels like my cats are not only two loving companions, but are also the two affectionate groomers taking care of me from time to time.

They do this by taking care of me from time to time. Sometimes by licking my eyebrows and sometimes giving me a proper groom-up by being an affectionate licker licking my elbows and what not!

So, if you find out that your cat companion is suddenly licking you here and there, take it as a sign of affection and consider it as your cat’s way of saying- “I love you, pal”.

  • Cat Cuddles & Mingling about

Just like head-butting and love bites, cat cuddles is another sign that your cat is screaming out feline affections. Needless to say, a cuddly cat is a happy cat and also a great attention-seeker.

So, you know your cat loves you the most when it mingles a lot and keeps on being a cuddly attention-seeker.

  • Cat Head Butts & no, it never hurts

Also known as “head bunting”, cat head butts are another sign of feline affection.

If you own two or more cats, then you must have already noticed your cats hitting each other on the head.

Maybe sometimes your cat would jump on your lap and give you a generous head bump. Do you know the reason behind this?

As it turns out, a cat bumps its heads with one another to show its affection. Similarly, a cat also rubs its cheek to show signs of love and devotion.

Hence, if you find your feline friend rubbing his head onto your head or rubbing his cheek all of a sudden- it basically means he is demonstrating his love.

Now, should you head butt your cat back? I tried and got back emotional purrs in response. So, go ahead- and give it a try! Just remember to be a bit slower and gentler when you are the one giving the head butts.

Just like head butts, kneading is also considered as a sign of feline love and affection towards its owner.

So when petting your cat to sleep, if you find your dear friend kneading onto you, it generally means she is expressing her love and that’s all!

Kneading is one-way cats show their love and affection towards their owner. But there are other times when cats find biting their owners as a fun playtime.

Hence all the random love bites! But whatever it is, these occasional cat bites are actually considered as yet another form of feline affection.

So yes, it’s true that your cat loves you the most when it gives you random slight love bites!

  • Cats Rubbing Noses; Nose Chomps, Nose Bumps, and all of that!

Some cats like biting out of affection, while some others like to give gentle head bumps.

But what about the little feline ones who just can’t help rubbing off their noses or sometimes giving you slight nose bumps?

As it turns out, some cats love bumping their nose with their owners to share their feelings of love and trust.

You would also notice these affectionate cat actions usually after a major snuggle time. And, sometimes when she simply can’t help waking you up!

So, yes the next time when you wake up and notice your cat rubbing your noses hitherto, you know for sure that your cat loves you a lot!

But a cat giving you nose chomps and turning it into a habit of giving you love bites? Think twice!

It’s because there are times when we cat owners simply can’t take all that love especially when the love bites has anything to do with our face.

No wonder about that!

To turn these not-so-friendly cat bites into a satisfying experience, try to understand how it uses and exercises its teeth during both feeding and playtime.

Also if your cat pawing you becomes a matter of dismay, then simply consider keeping them well-trimmed next time!

  • Gifts, and finding Your Cat’s Token Of Love

If you ever found out that your cat brings gory gifts such as a freshly killed mouse then, congrats. Congrats because your cats love you and have also bought you a gift to prove, just that!

  • A routine-wise game of hide-and-seek

While a cat bringing gifts is one of the million ways a cat says “I love you” to its owners, sometimes indoor cats turn out to be more creative counterparts.

In an effort to shower its owner with love and affection, these indoor fellows would often pull out games of hide-and-seek.

Sometimes these mischievous fellows would place their toys at places such as desktops, and at other times put up a huge display of cat’s collection in the most surrealistic place that one could ever imagine.

And, this they will do almost routine-wise!

These sudden mischievous ways of toying around and playing hide-and-seek is actually the cat’s way of showering love and affection to its owner.

So all of a sudden if you start noticing a collection of kitty toys tucked inside your shoes; don’t be surprised. Simply, take this playful endeavour as your cat’s token of love and enjoy.

On the bottom line

Does my cat love me?

Even as I type this, my little fellow is thrusting his head under my elbows.

So yes, I know he loves me a lot. Whenever I take a glance away, I see my smallest feline one dozing off or should I say- blinking at me from time to time.

Considering the fact that you are already a cat person, you must now see how obvious it is that my cats love me a lot.

While the above 10 signs are pretty much enough to decipher the inexplicable bond between a cat and its owner, one thing is for sure. When you own a cat – unconditional love takes place and it takes place every day!

Also, if you want a smile, a pop of joy in your life, or maybe a small lick of gratification, at the end of a day it’s only a cat – on whom you may reside!

So what are you waiting for?!

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