How to Get a Kitten to Trust You

If you want your kitten to feel at ease around you, you’ll need to earn its trust. Once you have gained a kitten’s trust, it will want to play with you at all times.

So, even if it takes a long time for a kitten to stop seeing you as a threat, it’ll be worth it!

A trusting kitten will want you to pet it frequently. It will also like to snuggle with you and sit in your lap. All it takes is a little patience and work on your part to turn a kitten into your best friend.

So, let’s take a look at how to gain a kitten’s trust.

Why Are Kittens Afraid of People?

There are several reasons why a kitten may be wary of you. Here are a handful of the most common ones:

Socialization Process

A kitten might be scared of you because you may not have introduced it to many people during its socialization process. The interaction into socialization practice for cats is usually between the first three to nine weeks after birth.

Introducing kittens to other people during that period could be very important. It teaches the kitten that there’s nothing to fear.

The kitten will then start to understand that the people you bring home will only care for and love it.

Cats Shy Personality

It would help if you kept in mind that each kitten has a unique personality. Therefore, some kittens are just fearful or shy by nature.

However, just because your kitten is shy doesn’t mean there’s no hope of getting it to like and trust you. It’s just going to require some time and effort on your part.

New Environmental Factors

A new environment could be frightening to anyone. So, if you take a kitten to its new home, give it some time to explore.

Fearful Behavior

If a kitten were the subject of abuse or mistreatment in the past, they would require extra care. Kittens with a history of being badly treated will often need a lot more time for them to start trusting you. It will take time to overcome the fearful behavior.

How to Get a Kitten to Trust You

Let’s see how you can win a kitten’s affection and trust.

Be Patient

This may be the most crucial point to keep in mind. Most kittens need you to be patient with them as they get used to you and their new safe environment.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a kitten to spend all its time with you right from when you take it home.

Allow everything to unfold at its rate, and don’t press them to play with you.

Everything will come with time, and the kitten will eventually understand that this is a safe, loving and comfortable environment and that it does not need to be scared of you.

Give the Kitten Space

If you take a kitten home, you should have a room or a small space prepared for them. Please give them a bed, cat food, and their litter box there.

It’s essential to keep the food and the litter box at a distance from each other. Once the kitten sees it’s a safe spot, leave it be.

With time, it will become comfortable and used to its new home. Just visit it a couple of times a day, give your kitten wet food, and sit on the floor with it.

Then, once you’ve spent some time with it, please give it some space again, and do something else. Always allow it to explore its surroundings further.

The Bonding Process Requires Soft Human Voices

Always speak to your kitten in a soft and comforting voice. Keep your tone gentle and friendly when you give your kitten food or play with it.


Humans can be seen as a threat to scared kittens at times. There are, however, a variety of approaches to gain their trust. Just remember to be patient and use a soft tone when speaking.

Allow your kitten time and space, and it will come to trust you and regard you as its best friend.

If you follow the advice in this article, you will soon have a loving kitten who is always eager to spend time with you.

We hope you feel assured now that you know how to gain a kitten’s trust. All that’s left for you to do now is relax and enjoy your time with your new feline pal.

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